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Rundgang Sehenswertes (111)

Stadtführer Bad Ems - Spa House / baroque Bathhouse (1)


Spa House / baroque Bathhouse (1)

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A princess of the Nassau-Orange dynasty had her private small bath-palace built between 1711 and 1720 in the place where in the Middle Ages the medical springs had already been used. The original spring of the “Kesselbrunen” was to be the centre of the small palace with its two wings. In the 19th century this bath-palace even became an imperial and royal holiday domicile. The eastern wing has become famous as the “Kaiserflügel” (Emperor’s wing) because the later Emperor Wilhelm I stayed here during his visits to Bad Ems .Today Häcker’s Grand Hotel and the Maharishi Ayurveda health centre are in the spa house.

Location/ contact:
Römerstraße 1
56130 Bad Ems